՛՛Syunik Food՛՛ CJSC

      The organization was founded in 2014 in Syunik region of the RA with aim of production canned food, and the construction of the plant started in 2015. In 2016 the works on the construction of the plant were suspended with regard of some issues. Faithful to its policy the manager of the Panarmenian fund – Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia is aimed at contributing to the implementation of the program undertaken , as a result of which works on the construction of the plant will be completed, the necessary equipment to start production will be acquired and as a result of which the plant will be commissioned , which will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in the region, the creation of new jobs and increased economic activity and sales promotion . So, in 2017 the organization has acquired a controlling stake and due to common efforts with another founder have been set in motion the program undertaken: namely in November 2017 commissioning of the plant, as a result of which about 250 jobs will be created . The total cost of this program was about 1 billion 768 million drams.
Following its mission of plant’s construction and operation, which was fully completed at the end of 2018, the shares owned by the Panarmenian Fund were sold to a private investor, who was ready to make the necessary investments to ensure the end-use and smooth operation of the plant in full.
Through the executed works of private investor, the plant was restarted from March 2019, as a result of which the company’s production spread widely both in the domestic and international markets, and the number of workplaces has increased to 130. The organization is fully equipped with state-of-the-art Italian, Russian, Danish, Belgian, Japanese and Belarusian production lines and equipment that provides an automated and efficient manufacturing process. The products of «Sunik Food» won three gold medals at a competition held as part of the international prestigious exhibition “ProdExpo-2020” in Russia in 2020.