Legal regulation




The Law of RA on Securities Market,

The Law of RA on Investment Funds,

The Law of RA on the Central Bank of Armenia,

The Law of RA on Banks and Banking,

Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia,

The Law of RA on Joint Stock Companies,

The Law of RA on Currency Regulation and Currency Control,

The Law of RA on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing,

The Law of RA on  Establishment of a Unified Financial Regulation and Supervision Framework,

The Law of RA on Financial System Mediator,



Regulation 8/03

on Information Publication by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Implementing Money Remittances,

Regulation 8/04

on Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers,

Regulation 10/01

on Registration and Licensing of Investment Fund Managers and Branches of Foreign Investment Fund Manager; Registration of Branches of Investment Fund Manager and Representative Offices of Investment Fund Manager and Foreign Investment Fund Manager; Re-Registration and Re-Licensing of Investment Companies as Investment Fund Managers; Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Statutory Fund of Investment Fund Manager; Procedure, Forms and Periods of Submission of Work plans, Reports on their Amendments and Execution by Investment Fund Managers, their Branches and Branches of Foreign Investment Fund Manager,

Regulation 10/02

on Prudential Standards of Management Company, Sizes Thereof (Including Minimum Size of Mandatory Holding of Management Company in Each Investment Fund Under Management of Management Company), Minimum Size of Infringement of Prudential Standards, Which are Grounds for Revocation of Licence (Permission) of Management Company,

Regulation 10/04

on the Procedure of Calculation of Net Asset Value of Investment Funds,

Regulation 10/05

on Accreditation of Managers of Investment fund Managers and Custodians, Natural Persons Executing Investment Fund Management Activity and Investment Fund Custody Keeping, Criteria For Their Professional Compliance and List of Topics for Assessing their professional qualification,

Regulation 10/10

on Investment Limits of Investment Funds,

Regulation 10/11

on Terms and Conditions for Registration of Investment Fund (Fund Rules), Issuing Permission to Sell Securities of Foreign Investment Fund in the Republic of Armenia,

Regulation 10/14

on Procedure of Calculation of Net Asset Value for Determining Taxable Profit,

Regulation 33

on Custodial Activities of Securities

The Governmental Clarifications of the Central Bank on a number of issues related to non-public funds